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Information / Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations of the School;

1. Appropriate conduct and behaviour is requested at all times.

2. Respect for teachers, staff and fellow students is compulsory at all times.

3. No running or loitering is allowed in the building.

4. Students MUST attend 10 minutes before start of class, dressed & ready to go. Students arriving after 10 mins into a class will not be permitted to enter that class and must wait until an appropriate break (warm-up is essential to prevent injury)

5. The Management will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to belongings left on the premises.

6. All fess are payable in advance of course commencement except where Management has agreed an alternative.

7. Class fees are non-transferable & non-refundable.

8. The School reserves the right to refuse admission.

9. Non-participation in class will only be excused due to illness with a letter of absence. Excuses such as parties etc. will not be entertained.(Please be considerate to your other class members who will be progressing with a routine etc.)

10. Administration should be made aware of any medical conditions / past injuries / medication to be taken during class prior to application.

11. Students may not consume food during classes.

12. Any student found leaving the building during class time without permission, will be immediately removed from the School without refund.

13. It is the responsibility of each student to attend each class on time. No refunds will be made whether in whole or in part for lack of attendance on the part of Students.

14. Some photos of our Students may be used for Advertising purposes (on the night of our Showcase in the Theatre Foyer etc).

By registering, you have accept the Rules and Regulations

Name : _____________________________________________

Address ;   _____________________________________________ ____________________________________________

Telephone Number ; ___________________________________

I would like to register for (please tick where appropriate)

Tuesday Classes

Thursday Classes

Friday Classes

Saturday Classes

     Pilates Classes

Dance Fusion Adult and Teen Classes

Fees Applicable: Children’s Classes ; €55 per child for 7 Week Term. Family Discounts Available.

Adult Classes; €50 per person for 6 Week Term. Please note that all fees are payable in advance of course participation. For further details or enquires, please call 086 150 44 55 or email; info@starsofthewest.net



  • Red Class SOTW T-shirt   (Class T-Shirt with logo) is Compulsory. Also Class Hoodies / School Bags / Hats are available to buy.

  • Black Leggings / Tracksuit Bottoms

  • Runners - Children must wear Black plimsoll runners / pumps. Pumps are black canvas runners & have non-slip soles and are vital to see if feet are correctly positioned during the dance class. They are available to buy in local shoe shops for approx. €4.00.

  • For the first few weeks’ children can wear their own runners until they have their Black pumps.

  • Tap shoes may need to be purchased at a later date if child takes part in Tap classes.

  • Should your child already have ballet shoes / jazz shoes, these are acceptable to wear to class.

  • The Class T-shirt is compulsory & all students must Purchase by the end of their first term & wear to each class.

  • Please ensure children DO NOT wear the following to class for Health & Safety reasons; Slip on shoes, school shoes, Ugg Boots, Heelies, shirts, dresses or jeans.

  • Please encourage the children to bring a water bottle with them to each class to keep hydrated (no fizzy drinks please), their hair tied up & the children are encouraged not to wear jewellery.


Mission Statement: To cultivate and promote the talent of the children wishing to work professionally in the Performing Arts Sector.

The children from our School have performed in many local events & Shows, as well as various Charity Events etc.

Please contact the school directly on 086 150 44 55 or info@starsofthewest.net for further information should you wish for us to become involved in an event you are organizing.

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